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Outsourcing HR services allow business owners the time to concentrate on growing their company's profitability and productivity rather than spending time dealing with time consuming, but necessary business distraction and administrative issues. HR Outsourcing is not just a mechanism to reduce the cost of the company rather to make the Human Resource Process much more efficient & less time consuming. Now-a-days, companies are transforming their HR department to outsourcing to avail the world-class processes, competitive advantage, and increased shareholder value. KSS proves that the leading Organizations are utilizing outsource approaches as a way not only to reduce costs but also to gain access to industry’s leading practices and so efficient skill sand to embed innovation into their organizations. KSS is committed to extensive HR outsourcing support & cooperation to the leading organizations as a long-term business relationship rather than simply a contract between a client and service provider. KSS believes in flexible relationships for successful outsourcing in order to meet both short and long term goals for the client sand has the methodologies, experiences and reach to be part of the Client.

KSS works in partnership with a client to source the right candidate for the right job at the right time at the right remuneration. Experienced consultants match the required skill-sets of the client, from our extensive database and present prospective candidates in a professional, timely and cost-effective manner. Our Executive provides clients with the option to short-list top performers from various areas of expertise. Once selected, candidates are ensured to be medically fit through KSS' referrals to accredited medical clinics approved by the tiedup. Other related documents and clearances are also secured by Kabul Skyscraper Services.

If our clients require a HR professional to cover periods of leave, to assist during peak workload times or to consistent on-site and HR support, KSS will ensure that you have the cover in place that you require in your convenience. Speak to us for support with the following: Find best and qualified candidates Cover during periods of absence such as long-term sick or maternity leave In addition, Kabul sky scraper maintain full contact and working with clients and also a well and professional HR employee database and CV bank data base. It is pure head hunting support. To identifying the skills and experiences that our clients are looking for, we will create the profile of a ‘perfect candidate’ for the role, and start our search from there. We are equipped with Quick Book software for payroll and tax processing.

Safety and Security arrangement:
KSS provides security training and tracking for its recruited staff. Transportation and traveling arrangement:
We provide local transportation facilities for our staff and also Visa and travel arrangement for our international recruited staff.
Performance Appraisal: A performance appraisal is a regular review of an employee's job performance. Kabul sky scraper use performance appraisals to give employees big-picture feedback on their work and to justify pay increases and bonuses, as well as termination decisions. Employees will also be benefited from a personal development plan and what would identify their own areas for improvement and records their progress against development targets. KSS PA is designed to increase the output and effectiveness of the employees. Payroll and tax management KSS provides a comprehensive yet flexible outsourced payroll service personalized to each of our client’s specific requirements. The continuous changes in labor & tax legislation have increased the burden on internal system standards and process to work for the payroll system efficiently. Employee Training & Development On the job and off the job training for capacity building of the staff.

Kabul Skyscraper Services (KSS) is one of the leading consultancy service provider in Afghanistan. Currently KSS implements 26 long term projects with various different clients in different fields throughout Afghanistan, with total amount of 1,114 employees working in main office and projects in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Kabul Skyscraper Services provided professional HR services and is involved in the recruitment, payroll management, staff supervision and day to day management of more than 1,114 professional employees in Call Center, consumer Sales, sales Support, Facility, Kindergarten, Cleaning and Maintenance, Pest control, data Entry, MDE Provinces, MDE SAF Scanning, CC Out bound, CSP, Kiosks, Province CSP, Tele Bazaar, CR Designer, Connect Store and Customer Care staff members to MTN-Afghanistan for more than eight years. Meantime, Kabul Skyscraper Services has been providing HR, Recruitment and Payroll Management Services to EY International Company since 2017. It is worth mentioning that Kabul Skyscraper Services has implemented several projects with national and international organizations including Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), Etisalat Telecommunication Company, MTNAfghanistan Telecommunication Company, UNDP, UNOPS, World Bank, EY International Company, GIZ, ICMA, Park Star Hotel, RANA, Darya Village Hotel and Resorts, Omid Hospital and other private sector and several government entities in Afghanistan.


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