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Mass Communication

The KSS is specialized in call center services and has been providing effective services to the national and international clients in Afghanistan for more than 13 years. More than 350 Call-Center agents are currently employed in KSS and our company has better knowledge about over all operations of call center and operates effectively to solve critical problems facing call center operations.

     Inbound Call Center

     Outbound Call Center

     Call Management System IT Solutions

     Back office support services

The KSS mostly trained Call-Center agents achieved overhead targets that KPIs are following:

     Percentage of Calls Blocked 

     Average Time in Queue 

     Average Abandonment Rate

     Service Level 

     Average Speed of Answer 

     Average Handle Time 

     Average after Call Work Time 

     First Call Resolution 

     Customer Satisfaction 

     Occupancy Rate 

     Agent Absenteeism

KSS Telecommunication & IT Solutions